Client testimonials

 “She was the perfect mentor for someone like me who likes to please whilst at the same time resists anyone telling me what to do, even if it is for my own good. She got the measure of me quickly, firmly and kindly leading me into the direction of positive change, without me feeling imposed upon. She was the perfect guide…..”

Jo B
”…. you were such a good consultant and ally when I most needed one. A boat load of integrity and courage!”
Isobel R
"She is intelligent and talented, a pleasure to know and work with. She relates with honesty and elegance and her willingness to help can not be doubted. A highly skilled person who works with attention and care, seriousness and playfulness. I strongly believe in what she is doing and I thank for all her help."
Annamaria P
“Our mentoring sessions continue to have a significant influence in my thinking and planning.”
Jan B
"Jim has a gentle manner and has a good barometer in how to accommodate different people and their styles. He was able to support me when I had a particularly stressful issue to manage. His calm and wise approach really helped me to quieten myself and look at the problem differently. "  
Susan M
Suzanna showed me how to cut through the nonsense and achieve my aims without getting bogged down in the politics and keep focussed on the big picture. She found the best people to work with and encouraged collaborative working and whilst providing close guidance she allowed us to make decisions which affected our areas and take control. There were four other managers who Suzanna guided and advised at this time and we all have positive memories of the help and knowledge she left with us.

This gave me great confidence in my ability.I found over the course of a few months that I was being listened to and that my ideas and plans were solid. Suzanna has a knack of getting to the heart of a problem and finding a solution simply and quickly.
There is one aspect of her approach that we observed early on and my team have started to adopt. That is to go into new situations and listen, watch, observe and find out who is going to be helpful. I am sure this will stick with me throughout my career because I can honestly say I have never met anyone who has given me so much common sense advice and support without making me feel inadequate.
Lisa K
I was very relieved when I met Suzanna as I knew that she would be the perfect women's health counsellor for me. She has an inate ability to inspire and motivate and she is very genuine and caring. I was able to discuss issues with her and I never felt judged. The fact that she has experience of management was a bonus for me as she could fully understand the link between the stress of working in a public sector setting and over-eating. She helped me to recognise the link and realise that I couldn't address one without addressing the other. The ideas she gave me were small and achievable; even though I haven't made great strides with my weight as yet I have been able to make small changes and I am still motivated by Suzanna's insights and suggestions.
Heather L