Jim Parrott

Jim ParrotJim is a highly experienced and professional head of strategic human resources management, consultant, coach and mediator.  He has over 30 years' experience of people management in local government and the wider public sector and a track record of achieving solutions to operational and political imperatives whilst maintaining long-term strategic direction.  His excellent interpersonal skills enable him to establish productive working relationships to deliver the results required by diverse partners working with complex services.

Since 2003 Jim has worked as an independent consultant and interim manager.  He helped to set up the Commission for Social Care Inspection, the Thurrock Development Corporation, the Olympic Delivery Authority and the Tenants Services Authority.  He was interim Assistant Director of HR and OD for Hackney Council and Director of HR for the Housing Corporation.  He has assisted county, unitary and London Councils in top management restructuring.  He supported Lambeth Council in creating and guiding its Cabinet Commission on Delivery through People, drafting the final report which formed part of the their proposals to create the “Co-operative Council”. Previously Jim was the Head of Human Resources at the London Borough of Greenwich for over 10 years.  
In all these roles Jim has worked extensively with Chief Executives, Directors Councillors and Board members to provide vision and leadership in human resource management and a human resource service to support the achievement of strategic and operational objectives.
He has a strong record in successful change management including the restructuring and outsourcing of front-line services and all kinds of organisational reviews. He also has substantial experience of trade union negotiations and consultative processes and the development and application of employee pay and conditions.  
He is a CEDR Accredited Mediator and is qualified in coaching and mentoring skills to Masters degree level by Sheffield Hallam University.  He has experience of resolving a wide range of collective and individual conflicts.  As a coach and mediator Jim has worked with people to overcome workplace problems arising from issues of change, performance, relationships or behaviour.  
He has assisted people with all aspects of career progression and change.  In this aspect of his work he considers the quality of the process as fundamentally important to creating trust and whilst he is analytical and thoughtful in his approach to subjects under discussion, he treats feelings with dignity and respect.  He aims to create an environment in which people feel safe enough to discuss difficult, challenging and sometimes emotional subjects and explore them from different angles but without generating the fears which can stop people responding to sensitive issues.  
For more details of Jim's experience, a copy of his CV and further information contact him directly at jim_parrott2003@yahoo.co.uk
"Jim has a gentle manner and has a good barometer in how to accommodate different people and their styles. He was able to support me when I had a particularly stressful issue to manage. His calm and wise approach really helped me to quieten myself and look at the problem differently. "  
Susan M 
"You are a truly remarkable man.  Your assistance and support has been invaluable."  
Nana A