Suzanna Hopwood

Suzanna HopwoodIn 1995, after working in voluntary and community organizations, local government and the private sector Suzanna became an independent consultant, project and interim manager and executive mentor/coach. Since then she has undertaken many different types of assignment for a range of clients in various service areas and sectors and in public, private and not for profit organizations in this country and overseas.

Frequently, these assignments have been concerned with management of turbulence, change and transformation and working with clients and their stakeholders in order to assist them to manage their impact successfully.
Suzanna has now had considerable experience of managing turbulence and change in many different organizational environments, either with a specific brief from a client to secure change and transformation or to support individual managers to manage change themselves. She has also had to manage this process personally, in establishing herself as an independent consultant.  
She is therefore particularly interested in working with people who are facing the impact of these challenges, either as managers of organisations which are undergoing transformation and change or in their own lives and careers, who wish to understand them better and develop effective, practical, creative and affirming strategies for dealing with them.
In this context, for example, coaching and mentoring are powerful processes which give individuals the benefit of one to one focus and attention from a mentor/coach to assist them to clarify their thoughts, aspirations and plans for themselves, their organizations or both. Moreover the relationship provides a safe and confidential environment within which a person is able to explore issues, possibilities, ideas, opinions and potential courses of action.
Clients for whom Suzanna has undertaken consultancy, project and interim management assignments include Tower Hamlets Homes, Greater Gwent Central Supplies Organisation, (for Caerphilly, Newport & Torfaen CBCs and Monmouthshire CC): LB Islington, Imperial College London, University of Southampton: ‘2010 Rotherham Housing, NHS South East London Shared Services Partnership,  London Waste Action/London Recycling Fund: the Local Better Regulation Office (LBRO). Audit Commission in Wales, Flintshire County Council and Barking & Dagenham PCT and Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust,
Suzanna is also active in a number of voluntary organisations including PACE Health, Age UK Opening Doors Project, Shape Arts and the Small Charities Coalition.
In addition to her extensive consultancy, project and interim management experience Suzanna is a member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council and has completed an accredited Masters Degree level Coaching & Mentoring skills module at Sheffield Hallam University and accredited health promotion training offered by PACE and the Royal Institute of Public Health, Islington PCT and London Metropolitan University.
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